Frequently Asked Questions

Before I answer the FAQs, take note that I will provide and promise only what I know I can deliver. It is obviously my intention that this 'business' has success, however, it's equally important that my clients become friends and that they receive a unique product which meets and/or exceeds expectations. It is a special day, if intense and extensive video coverage of each moment is what you want, we are most likely not the best fit. I prefer creating a specific montage catered to your day.

How long are the Highlight Reels?

Typically I edit to the length of a song, usually between 3-5minutes.

When will I receive the Highlight Reel?

Within 3-6 weeks your virtual version, for online and email sharing, will be available, the DVD follows via mail within 10 days.

Who chooses the song?

I am extremely open to submissions and requests, and will do my best to synchronize the footage to the song. However, most brides & grooms have enjoyed my picks; it really helps to have creative freedom for this portion of the edit. Weddings have tones and paces, not every song will match or fit with them.   

On the day of my wedding, what kind of presence will you have?

As someone who has worked dozens of weddings as a photographer, I know how crucial time is and the job at hand. When videoing your highlight reel, I stay out of the way of the photographers. It is their (and the coordinator’s) job to direct and help navigate through the day according to the timeline. Occasionally I will ask for a type of movement or request a kiss, but for the most part I capture footage as a guest might. 

Where are you located? Do you travel?

I am based out of Jacksonville, FL – Always happy to travel, so if you’re near or far, please do not hesitate to inquire. I’ve produced highlight reels in Southern Florida, Ireland, and South of the border.

Can I have all the ceremony and reception footage?

I do not offer footage from the reception; audio and lighting are very fickle from wedding to wedding where the reception takes place. It is a major difference between wedding videographers and myself. As far as the ceremony, I have offered it as an add-on in the past, but only about 30 special seconds (you know the ones) end up in the highlight reel. I spend time moving around, finding different angles to capture all throughout the day. However, locking down a tripod and mic’ing the groom is not difficult.

Can I have all the raw footage?

No raw footage is ever provided. This is extremely common among videographers and photographers.

What changes will you make to the highlight reel after I see it?

I upload the highlight reel online, secured by a password, which only you will receive. Fortunately in my experience, the couples will copy and paste the URL and password into their Facebooks and emails immediately. However, I am happy to make slight/subtle changes to the edit at no extra cost.

What is the process before the wedding day(s)?

After a few emails have been exchanged, I always like to meet the couples (if possible) for a formal introduction. Followed up by a few more emails locking down details and specifics of the wedding day.

For the best representation of a highlight reel, please refer to the “Samples” page